“We have been with MSM for 8 years.  We tripled our online sales this past year compared to last year.  We currently offer our groups ship to home, ship to school, and a pay thank you option on our brochures.  John is easy to work with and provides us with constant feedback and options to improve our sales.  The support that John provides has been outstanding over the last 8 years.  We are very pleased and thankful that we have partnered up with MSM to improve our online presence for today, and the future.  We would not be where we are today without MSM.  MSM has made it easy for our customers to maximize their fundraising needs and increase their profits through online opportunities.”

Derek Wharton – General Manager 4 Seasons Fundraising

“You and your team were great to work with and we saw a great improvement over the previous year sales.”

Heather -Fowler Chocolates

“MSM Fundraising has increased Miss Chocolate’s online business by five-fold what it was over the past two years. The services MSM provide are seamless, efficient, and reliable. MSM continually upgrades our software with current security platforms to enhance the security our customers get when visiting our site and purchasing with credit cards. The reliability of our online store has been flawless. Working with John and his team has made our workflow smoother and more profitable. If you do not currently have an online store in product fundraising or you are not getting maximum sales, MSM Fundraising is who you need to work with.”

Lawrence Hirschheimer Vice President Operations, Miss Chocolate Fundraising

“This is our third season with MSM and the team has surpassed all expectations. John is very quick to respond and his support is always timely. He has been very efficient when adding requested updates and customizations. Our online sales doubled from year one to year two and we are on track for a 75% growth again this year. John’s knowledge of the fundraising industry is certainly an asset and he is always able and willing to offer tips and suggestions that will help increase visibility, gain additional revenue or ease the process for the end customer. The mobile app is the “go to” method for student registration as it is the world in which people live today. Everything is app based! MSM offers great back end reporting and is solution oriented in all aspects of our online business. Our customers love how easy it is to navigate through the site and we certainly appreciate that too!”

Karin Price – VP Sales/Business Development, Hansen Foods Fundraising

“MSM’s e-commerce platform provides us the opportunity to offer innovative, easy-to-use online shopping for our customers. With MSM, our customers experience a customizable shopping experience and detailed reports. Our needs are very specific, and MSM has always worked with us to provide the best options for our customer base!

The continuous improvements MSM makes to their platform, as well as the new app feature and Text to Pay options help to increase our incremental sales season after season!”

Hilary at Meadow Farms