MSM Online Shopping
Online Solution Site Features
  • It’s proven that if you sell online, you will sell more because you are able to reach MORE CUSTOMERS!
  • Cash flow! Customers pay for their orders immediately, that means you get paid immediately!
  • Our solution allows you to put your products online, your brochures, your prices
  • Provides each child a “personalized” online selling site for your companies products and brochures
  • Complete set of tools that allow you to manage every aspect of your website
  • The look and feel of your website is 100% customizable
  • Sales are tracked electronically and integrate with our New* pick/pack/label module, order-entry module and a receiving/PO module.
  • We integrate seamlessly with iTransact who provides you with online credit card transaction services
Why it works?
  • It’s so easy – the participant simply completes the online registration form and provides a recent photo (if available)
  • We provide the sales message. All the seller has to do is e-mail the message to the potential customers (family friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.)
  • Buyers see the sales message as coming directly from the participant. It is a personalized message designed to be read by family and friends (and by-pass SPAM filters)
How it works?
  • After receiving the sales message via e-mail, buyers can go to the participant’s web site and view the items offered for sale
  • The buyer simply has to click on the items wanted for purchase
  • The buyer then provides a credit card number (Secured), along with shipping information (name, address, etc.)
  • The buyer clicks on “Process Order” and the transaction is complete
  • As the supplier, you will receive the order and shipping instructions via e-mail
  • The fundraising organization and the participant receive notification of the transaction, along with credit for each item sold
Is your company selling online?
  • Schools expect and accept online sales.
  • If you are not selling online, you are leaving money on the table!
Industry leaders who use our software:
  • 4 Seasons
  • C+H Fundraising
  • Candyman
  • Cash Cow
  • Edda Cake Company
  • Fowlers Chocolates
  • Gateway
  • Miss Chocolate
  • School-a-thon

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Who is MSM Fundraising?
  • Software developers dedicated to assisting distributors take their products and brochures online to sell in a safe and secure environment!
  • We are NOT associated with any product supplier or manufacturer.
  • You have complete freedom regarding the content of your website!
Why use MSM Fundraising, LLC?
  • Proven Product
  • East to Setup
  • Excellent Support!
  • Customized for your Business
  • You will sell more because your selling area is dramatically increased!
  • Immediate payment for items sold online improves cash-flow!
  • Increase sales area beyond family, friends and community
  • Sales are tracked electronically and integrate with our New* pick/pack/label module, order-entry module and a receiving/PO module
  • Orders are shipped directly to the customer

Inventory Management Modules

These modules are intended to be used with the MSM online fundraising products.

Order Entry for paper order cards: 

Order Entry is optimized for speed, persons entering orders can easily and quickly tab between fields. Also, schools and products are offered as options as the person starts typing a school or product ID. Order Entry is natively “cloud based” and will be available to persons working in the field, school sponsors and of course, distributor administrators. All that is required is a login/password and a computer browser.

Pick / Pack / Labels

We have developed a pick/pack system that allows distributors to generate Pull Sheets with the associated Pick Tickets. Packing is quickly accomplished with a handheld barcode scanner or on a computer screen by typing the Item Number directly into the computer screen. We also print labels in either a 1 per page / 4 per page on a plain printer or we can print single labels on a Zebra printer. We also have an interface to SHIPPO or ShipStation if you prefer to manage your labels and shipping from there. Pick / Pack / Labels is natively cloud based and can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet with an up-to-date browser.

Inventory Management with Purchase Order and Receiving:

Our new module will allow you to create Purchase Orders, email them to the supplier or print them and snail mail them to the supplier. When the supplier order is received, you will be able to scan the incoming Purchase Order from a barcode printed on the Purchase Order and receive ALL items with one mouse click or make adjustments for items backorders.

Using the Inventory Management you then transfer these goods to the appropriate Warehouse and Bins for Picking and Packing.

Prize Package:

We have a “Prize Package” that allows you to create three different types of Prizes: Cumulative, Combo or “Pick-a-Prize”. With our administration tool, you create the package and assign the prizes to the different sales levels (either by item or by dollars sold). Then, when you are using the “Order Entry” module (above), the appropriate Prize will be offered based on your criteria per student. You can accept the offered Prize or add an alternate Prize. Prizes show up on the Pick Ticket for the Student when the Pick Tickets are printed and packed along with the other items due to the student.